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Version 5.2 Bluetooth Zerospace Wireless Headset


Zerospace Wireless Headset

Brand: Zerospace

Name: wireless 5.2 Bluetooth headset

Noise Free, Voice Prompt, Super Bass, Long Battery Life

HD Sound Quality, IOS & Android
Available Colors: White, Black

Precautions :

  • Do not drop, bump, scratch, twist, knock, crush, or put the Bluetooth headset into the water.
  • When using Bluetooth headsets, please keep them away from magnets and near the speakers of electrical boxes;
  • Try to avoid placing the Bluetooth headset in extreme temperature
  • Avoid exposing the Bluetooth headset to a humid environment;

Including packages:

2x Earbuds

1x Charging case

1x Charging Line

1x User Manual


TL1326, TL1327


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