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Wireless Bluetooth Headset Multifunctional Sports Headset


1755Wearing Wireless Bluetooth Headset Multifunctional Sports Headset

Sports Headset Description:
Bluetooth-compatible version: V5.1 EDR

Transmission distance: 10m

Charging duration: 2.5-3h. Turn on the light and use time: 5h

Turn off the light and use time: 18h

Standby time: 120h

Battery: 400mAh

Product weight: 269.6g

Packing size: 21.6*19.9*6cm

Functions: adjust volume, switch songs, answer incoming calls, reject incoming calls, hang up calls, Bluetooth playback, phone replay, Bluetooth connection, voice prompt, power display, MP3,FM radio, sirs wake-up, with lighting


1. Equipped with fun run flashlight: travel at night, one earphone can illuminate and listen to music, super-large battery life dual engines

2. 40MM sound unit: shock, tension, full and three-dimensional sound effect,

bringing immersive experience

3. BT V5.1 chip: Bluetooth-compatible 5.1 connection compatible with smart devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers on the market, stable and continuous connection at a distance of 10 meters

4. FM radio function: built-in FM radio device, listening to your favorite music, storytelling and other radio stations in your spare time

5. TF card playing: you can listen to songs without a mobile phone, and the headset has its own MP3 function to plug in TF memory card to play music.

6. Comfortable to wear all day: ergonomic design, can fine-tune the ear bag comfortable, long-term wear without burden <

7. Wide compatibility: support for mobile phones, IPAD, notebooks, etc. (support for 3.5MM audio line access)


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