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Ultra Sport Smart Watch


Ultra Sport Smart Watch
Product details

Watch Parameters


2.Strap meterial:Silica gel

3.Main screen:2.0-inch HD IPS 240*240 Pixels

4.Touch Screen:Full touch screen

6.Waterproof:IP67(The watch cannot be placed in water.)

Watch Function:

Bluetooth call,Custom Wallpaper,drinking reminder, blood oxygen, sports mode (outdoor running, walking, mountaineering, indoor running), Facebook, twwiter, WhatAPP, calendar,message reminder,heart rate, sleep monitoring, Bluetooth music, SMS, call record, SIRI/Voice Assistant,alarm clock, ola esporte,remote photo, step counting, blood pressure, address book, looking for mobile phone, et.

How to use BT call:

The Bluetooth call function requires dual Bluetooth signal support, so you need to connect twice according to the instructions:
?Scan the QR code on the manual through the mobile phone browser, download the dedicated app, and turn on the mobile phone BT. Find and connect the ola esporte device in the app. Confirm binding
?Find the device in the Bluetooth of the mobile phone (check the device name in the watch to check the device information), and qevila select the connection and pairing

Support ?Bluetooth call:

Mobile phone synchronization of frequently used contacts.
So you can just use the watch to make call and answer.


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