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Portable Handheld Micro Steam Iron Garment Steamer Mini


Product Details
Compact body, titanium large panel, does not take up too much space, very suitable for you at home, dormitory or travel.

Dry and wet can be ironed, shaping clothing, suitable for small area wrinkles.

Titanium large panel, pressing and ironing at the same time more gentle care of clothing

No matter how small the folds are, the sharp front-end design should not be ignored.

Mini ironing machine, lightweight design, can be put in a backpack or suitcase, very suitable for vacation or business trip.

Titanium gold panel, quick to shape clothes; pointed front design, small folds can?t escape.

Dry-wet ironing 2 in 1; dry ironing: ironing directly after turning on the machine for a while; wet ironing: touching the spray button after turning on the machine, and then spray humidifying. After turning off the spray, you can start ironing.

Plug type: EU/US optional

Product Name: Mini Electric Iron

Quantity: 1 Pc

Packing list:

1*User Manual


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