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Geemy Rechargeable Hair Trimmer GM-6675


Geemy Rechargeable Hair Trimmer GM-6675

Geemy clipper – adjust your hairstyle to your needs

The Geemy hair clipper is a professional hair styling tool at home.?Thanks to high-quality steel blades, the razor provides an easy cut.?In addition, the angle of the titanium head used in the Geemy haircut makes it easy to guide the hair.?Battery-mains power allows you to use a haircut both at home and, for example, on the go.

Safety First

the clipper attachment that comes with the geemy has been specially rounded.?Thus, their ends do not irritate shorn skin.?The device glides smoothly over the skin without causing any scratches.?The machine can be freely used for cutting even the smallest household members, and the quiet operation of the device will not cause them discomfort.

home hair salon

Geemy Clipper haircut and length selection is extremely simple.?If you prefer a shorter haircut, use the included trim and choose one of the available lengths.?Geemy comes with a comb attachment perfect for longer styling.



adjustment 1-10mm

Steel head and blades

Battery powered

usb cable (usb – micro usb)

Main characteristics:


Easy to clean

two power options

The Gemmy clipper is equipped with a powerful battery, so you can use the device in any conditions.?It only takes 8 hours to recharge the battery with a USB cable.?Have you forgotten to charge your device and need to use it urgently??Did the battery run out while cutting??No problem.?You can use mains power.


Stainless steel blade
Multiple adjustment
Anti-slip system
High speed motor
High strength
USB charging


Charging time: 8h
Run time: 45min
Product dimensions: 12*4*3cm
600mAh lithium battery


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