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Diamond Reflection Portable LED Crystal Table Lamp


Diamond Reflection Crystal Table Lamp is a rechargeable, compact and bright table lamp ideal for Gifting and a very good accessory for decorating a Desk or using it as Bedside Table Lamp. It can also be used by Cafes & Restaurants, a unique cordless feature making it portable to use on the tables without the hassle of wires or plug-ins. It gives a classy element for outdoor dining and camping, this lamp is both practical and decorative in one. This Desk Lamp has 3 LED Color temperature control White, Warm White Natural White on the Touch Sensor On/Off & Brightness control.

Portable: LED Table Lamps are cordless, making them highly convenient for usage and storage. Perfect for Cafes & Restaurants, Camping, and Romantic Dinners & also a very good gift as Bedside Table Lamp.
Crystal Reflection: Diamond Crystal?s body gives a unique light glow and reflection around the lamp, bright yet comfortable to the eye.

Rechargeable: Works on a long-lasting Lithium Ion Battery works for 6-8 hours at stretch once fully charged.

Touch Sensor: The is new gen with a touch sensor switch led colors on tap.

3 Color LED: White, Natural White & Warm White colors options in one. Choose the luminescent as per your mood.

Brightness Control: All colors are dimmable and a long hold on the touch sensor can increase or decrease the brightness.

High-Quality LED: High-quality SMD LED with Copper PCB makes it a bright and long-lasting LED module.

Light Weight: The lamp is made of ABS Plastic making it a lightweight yet sturdy lamp.

Style: Diamond Reflection Crystal Lamp
Power: Battery Powered, USB Rechargeable.
Size: 120mmx120mmx230mm / 4.72?4.72?9.06 in
Color Temperature: 3000k-6500k
Material: ABS + Acrylic
Light color: 3 Colors ? White light, Natural White light, Warm White light (all adjustable brightness)
Body: Crystal ABS Plastic
Package Contains 1x LED Lamp, and 1x charging wire.


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