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Derma Roller System 1.5 mm Enhances cellular renewal


Rinse the derma roller under hot running water after use. If there is any blood on the derma roller, soak it in warm water with a little washing-up liquid added until clean. Be sure to rinse well with water. Sterilize your derma roller by standing it in disinfecting alcohol for at least 20 minutes. After cleaning/sterilizing, place the derma roller on a clean towel until it is dry. Once dry, replace the needle cap and store the roller in a clean place. Whenever possible, try not to let the derma roller’s needles come into contact with any hard surface (doing so will make them blunt more quickly). You will know when your derma roller needs replacing; when the needles become blunt you will find it becomes more difficult to push them into your skin.

Derma Roller System 1.5 mm

Derma Roller System is a micro-needling device that contains 540 needles with1.5 mm lengths that penetrate deep into the skin and it is suitable for all skin types.
Derma Roller is an easy-to-use device for the body and thick skin to correct underlying issues like poor circulation and skin damage, help improves cellular renewal and gets rid of acne scars reduce pigmentation, and promote hair growth it can be used for reducing cellulite and stretch marks.

• Stimulates collagen production.
• Enhances cellular renewal.
• Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
• Get rid of acne scars.
• Reduce pigmentation.
• Tighten the skin.
• Treats enlarged pores.
• Increase skin elasticity.
• Reduce cellulite and stretch marks.
• Improve hair growth.

How to use:
Make sure you wash your derma roller in warm soapy water, followed by soaking in 70% alcohol for 10 minutes, allow to dry naturally and put it back in its case. Ensure you are sanitising your roller before and after each use to avoid infection.
It is recommended to use the derma roller on clean, dry skin.
Select the degree of needle length that suits your skin.
Dermarolling technique:
Use medium pressure to roll the derma roller around five times evenly in each direction maximum of five times horizontally, 5 times vertically, and 5 times diagonally. Use very light pressure around your eyes. Use whatever technique you are comfortable with, as long as it spreads evenly. You could first only roll the entire skin area horizontally, when you’ve covered all skin that you want to treat, you roll vertically, and finally diagonally (across).

Points of interest:
• Needles with a length of 1.5 mm are recommended for thicker skin such as the stomach, head, back, and thighs.
• For best results, keep the device clean.
• For personal use only, don’t use it with another person.
• Avoid use on open wounds.
• Avoid using other products that may irritate the skin after using the derma roller.
• Using a derma roller is not particularly painful, but it may leave your skin looking pink\ red after use, this will lessen after a short while.

room temperature.


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