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3 Pcs Special Kids Electronic Toy for Kids Collection


Tricycle Toy Product details
A boy rides a bike Forward, The joints of the legs and the pedals of the bicycle move up and down with the rhythm of the music and spin 360 degrees on any flat surface. If it crashes into the wall or an object, it automatically changes its direction on contact. Lifelike robot to ride his car providing long-lasting strength and use, this Beautiful 3D Electric bicycles Toy is expertly crafted using durable plastic construction to withstand bumping into walls and endless hours of play. LIGHT DISPLAY Equipped with beautiful, flashing lights, this bicycle will deliver a spectrum of multi-colored 3D effects that can be seen on the Hat top and through the Wheel. Turn off the room lights for a mesmerizing display on the floor and walls! FUN ENTERTAINMENT. Children love toys with sound effects and listening to music. A charming musical tune is played as the electric bicycle rolls along on the ground, for increased fun. With lights, sounds, and bump-and-go action, This electric bicycle Toy will make a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, and other gift-giving occasions for both boys and girls alike.
Electric?Tricycle Toy?Music Dazzle Colour 3 D Lights Effect Robot Bike 360 Degree Rotation Walking & Lift Toy

Dancing Cactus Toys with Children?s Song Light Recording Speaker ( Note: not Included for Hand gloves, Hat )

This?Dancing Cactus toy?was High-quality materials

Non-toxic and harmless plush fabric is soft and comfortable, so you and your child can play with confidence.

Multifunctional and fun

Cactus can sing, bringing you a happy mood. He can also dance. It will shine too. It will record and repeat what you said.

Easy to use

Insert the battery and press the button, or plug in the power source, the?cactus?plush toy will shake and sing a happy song.


Give kids the best holiday and birthday gifts.?Suitable for creating a pleasant atmosphere, suitable for parties.

This expressive cactus loves to play during the day. In night mode, it will make deep sleep sounds and play soft music. She?s my best friend day and night!

Electric Robot Toy Universal Light Music Balance Car

?Electric Robot Toy battery operated: High-quality battery operated, can be played with any of the power sources.
?interest cultivation: Fun dancing, singing, and singing music, the best joy for your children to play with friends or parents.
?interactive toys:?Electronic cars, electric toy cars, and high simulation appearance designs can be used as fun interactive toys.
?toy phones: The toy phones will light up when you press and make a sound, and they will emit an amazing effect when driving in the air.


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