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2 Pcs Hair Care Beauty Combo Set with Free Comb Collection


5 in 1 Multifunctional Hair Dryer Styling Tool


“5 In 1 Hair Curler Automatic Hair Straighteners Electric Hair Styler Hair Dryers Blow Dryer Brush Dry & Wet Curling Iron Set This women’s hair styling kit features five interchangeable brush attachments that make straightening, curling, plumping and scalp massage a breeze. Combining a blow-dry with a styling brush, it can be tailored to different hair lengths for different looks. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE OF HOT AIR COMB Choose different accessories to create different hairstyles 1.Pre-shaped nozzle Dry hair quickly and prepare for styling 2.30mm curling barrel Ready to use, use a clockwise curling roller to be flexible and flexible 3.30mm curling barre Ready to use, use counter clockwise curling rollers to be flexible and flexible 4.Soft smooth comb Create a smooth effect, soft spherical comb teeth, designed for gentle massage of the scalp 5.Cylinder comb Create a fluffy effect, you can also roll in natural waves HOWTO USE THE CURLING IRON 1.Holding a handful of damp, non- drip hair strands, Grasp the 10cm position of the end of the hair and move the roller vertically to the position of the end of the hair. Adjust the wind speed to the highest wind and the highest temperature to start. 2.The hair will be autom atically wound with the airflow, move the roll to the root of the hair without rotating, keep the hot air for 15 seconds until the hair is completely dry. 3.Switch to cold air setting for 5-10 seconds, loosen the development roll, and turn off the machine. Careful Attention To Detail Shows Ingenuity Everywhere? Detachable comb:One-click switch comb button, replace at will. Remove the comb button:Press and hold the button a little harder, you can pull out the comb easily and quickly. Anti-slip handle:Ergonomic handle with nice curves and great feel. Flexible swivel design:The 2-meter-long 360? rotatable power cord”

NOVA 2 in-1 Hair Beauty Set?Iron?Straightener Curler?Electric Hair Iron Hair Straightener Hair Curler


100% Aluminum sheet
Temperature control 190C
Nano ceramic coating
AC110-240V 50/60Hz 35W
For all hair types
PTC heater with fast heat up
Super straight styles, never stick to the hair


Use a hairpin to clip the hair then began to curl and perm. Slightly refrain from the scalp to avoid the heat.

Slide the hair in the middle. Pull down straight. Slightly refrain from the scalp to avoid the heat

Professional Hairdressing Comb Set Hair Brush Detangling Brush (Brush Set)


Colour brush set
Product benefits Softening
Unit count 1.00 st?ck
Hair type Thick

Features & details
Known to promote hair health by stimulating the natural oils of your scalp.
Ideal for long or short, curly or straight hair, thick or thin hair.
Designed to penetrate all hair types to eliminate knots while softening. It works very well on wet or dry hair and is perfect for men, women and children.
The ultra-soft Intelliflex bristles glide through tangles, knots, minimizing pain, slotted ends and breakage.
The head of this boar bristle hair brush has a larger size, resulting in a faster and more even hairstyle.


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